The Library is Rockin’

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This week, I had the opportunity to return to the Knoxville campus of The University of Tennessee as part of the Accomplished Alumni program.  I met with students and faculty and gave a talk at the Hodges Library.  This program is directed by Patrick Wade in the Office of Alumni Affairs and provides a way for UT Alumni to give back to the university.  After graduating nearly twenty-five years ago, it was enjoyable to meet with students and discuss their plans for the future. 

Back to the library.  Twenty-five years ago, I was a frequent visitor to the central library on campus.  I was pre-med.  I went there to study.  Seems like the only other students there were meeting to decide what party they were headed to next. 

Well, the library has changed.  The John C. Hodges Library is a six-story, 350,000-square-foot building completed in 1987.  The place is now packed with students.  It seems the place on campus to be.  I particularly enjoyed the centrally-located Starbucks. 

While in Knoxville, I was invited to be a guest on Live at Five at Four, a live afternoon television program on the NBC-affiliate, WBIR.  You can click the link (not the picture) below to see the 4 minute interview.|tvideo|life#/Scott+Pearson+/909740512001

RUPTURE: The Movie

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If your life was made into a movie, who would you choose as the actor or actress to portray you?  This is your chance to select that starlet or action hero you’ve admired on the screen.  Somewhat of a daunting task, isn’t it?

After the release of RUPTURE in 2009, I was asked by the creator of a web site called, My Novel, The Movie, to speculate on who I would choose as the cast of the movie version of RUPTURE.  Seemed easy at first.  I thought – I’ll just choose the latest Oscar winners and off we’ll go.  But the choice needs to be correct, or at least realistic.  After all, this will put a face (and a body, no less) to characters who populate the world of the novel. 

As a writer, I want the reader to see the character in his or her own mind.  Meaning, to envision the character as words are translated to active scenes of desire, anguish, pleasure.  Some writers choose not to speculate on which actor might play their lead characters, for fear that this taints the readers imagination.  I considered this position.  Then I thought: come on, readers are more imaginative than that. 

So, think of who you would choose to play Eli Branch and Meg Daily.  And don’t forget detective Lipsky, and Henry, all of whom return in PUBLIC ANATOMY.  Then check out RUPTURE, The Movie (link below).  Once opened, you can click on the actors name to see their photo and credits in the IMDb database, which I found to be very helpful.

Then add a comment to this blog post of who you would choose to play the role of Eli, or Meg, or any of the characters.  And don’t forget Liza French from PUBLIC ANATOMY, who remains yet to be cast.  

My Book, The Movie: Rupture