RUPTURE in paperback

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About eight years ago, I began the writing of a series of medical suspense.  From this, Eli Branch was created and took over the story that was ultimately published in RUPTURE in February, 2009.  Eli was born of the need for someone to take on the ever-increasing challenges that exist between the world of medicine and our society today. 

And so I am pleased to inform you that RUPTURE is coming out in paperback on March 7th, the same day as PUBLIC ANATOMY is released in hardcover.  This version of RUPTURE will be in trade paperback, a larger, more substantial book, similar in size to hardcover. 

In PUBLIC ANATOMY, the story of Eli picks up about six weeks after the end of RUPTURE.  So while the mystery in PUBLIC ANATOMY stands alone from the debut in the series, if you would like to know Eli from the beginning, pick up RUPTURE in paperback and meet him just before his world derails.