Well on his way to realizing his dream of becoming a successful surgeon-scientist, Eli Branch seems destined for academic stardom. Lured away from a high-income private practice into the trenches of academia, Eli is about to discover that today’s medicine has an unimaginable dark side.

When one of his patients dies under suspicious circumstances, Eli’s once fast-track career starts to derail in spectacular fashion. As he investi­gates what caused his patient’s startling death, Eli uncovers an elaborate web of lies spun by his late father, a longtime professor of anatomy at Mid-South Medical College in Memphis. Instead of finding answers, Eli only finds more questions — and more victims, each meeting a sudden, violent end.

Eli joins forensic pathologist Meg Daily to find a common thread among the victims. As they piece together the chilling puzzle, Eli and Meg plunge headfirst into the world of deadly medicine — a world way too close to home.

Trapped in the paradox of ending one life to save another, Eli finds that in this life-or-death race against time, one false step could be fatal.